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Monday, July 31

Weblogs (or Blogs) in Malaysia are not viewed as credible sources of information??

This was the findings of a Weekend Mail survey that saw 66 per cent of the 100 respondents interviewed questioning the credibility of blogs as a source of information.

The survey also revealed that 57 per cent of the respondents wanted bloggers to be made accountable by imposing certain regulations to deter irresponsible bloggers from posting sensitive, inaccurate and false information.

Those who called for bloggers to be monitored said blogs should only be used to share useful information, and not be an avenue to post exaggerated articles, or a place to blow your own trumpet...........


*cemero: i do agree if the government wants to amend a law to monitor the blogs. eventhough we practice a freedom of speech in malaysia but there are many sensitive topics yg kena dijaga.....

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