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Thursday, July 8

Raudhatul Solihin : SALE part 1

All for 100 rubles!
Все по 100 рублей!

We have...



Table Lamp (SOLD)
Speaker (SOLD)

Penahan Buku (6pcs)

Glove (Free)

Long John


Frame (free another 1)

Ping Pong Racket

Autumn Jacket (1year old) (500 rubs only)
RSMU Windbreaker

Two Mini Balls - World Cup 2006 (Sold)

Mini Fan (Sold)

Plastic of Stationery

Mini Cabinet (Sold)

All in one box (USB Cabels, Battery AA, etc )

Mini Cabinet (Sold)

Condition : Generally, semua OK. Insya Allah. 

Datang sini ya... First Come, First Serve!

Contact me at +79263759974

***Hint : 
Few things are free. Berkemungkinan anda boleh dapat free... =)

1 comment:

Ahmedkzaman said...

nak penahan buku!!